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trilogy Very Gentle Series

Disover the peace and comfort nature brings to the most sensitive skin


Skin sensitivity is an increasing reality worldwide, with over 50 per cent of women in developed countries describing their skin type as sensitive. To drill down to the cause of sensitive skin, “Skin Barrier Function” is the most important point that we should be noted. Epidermis is the first layer of the skin barrier to prohibit the invasion of bacteria and to prevent moisture loss. If the Skin Barrier Function doesn’t work properly, sebum secretion cannot be properly functioned to protect the outer skin layer and lead to skin’s moisture loss. Hence, skin will become dehydrated; irritants and germs might penetrate into the skin cells causing swelling, itchiness, inflammation, skin allergy or even eczema.

Apart from the skin soothing and anti-ageing benefits, SyriCalm®, a breakthrough botanical complex developed in Germany is included in the formulation of trilogy VERY GENTLE Series for calming inflammation effectively. A blend of two naturally occurring ingredients, phragmites kharka and poria cocosSyriCalm® is proven to reduce inflammation and strengthen the skin's natural barrier function, increasing resilience to external aggressors.  

Phragmites kharka, commonly known as reed, is a large aquatic grass native to the tropics and has long been recognised by many cultures for its medicinal qualities. The Navajo Indians in North America traditionally used it as a treatment for a broad range of skin ailments.  Poria cocos, known as Fu Ling in Chinese medicine, is derived from a fungus which grows on the roots of pine trees.  Known there as the ‘medicine of immortality’, over 10 per cent of all traditional Chinese herbal medicinal preparations contain fu ling because of its immunological and anti-inflammatory benefits.