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All about sensitive skin by Dermatologist

Rebuild healthy skin barrier to soothe eczema and irritated skin from within

To drill down to the cause of eczema, dehydrated and sensitive skin, “Skin Barrier Function” is the most important point that we should be noted. Epidermis is the first layer of the skin barrier to prohibit the invasion of bacteria and to prevent moisture loss. If the Skin Barrier Function doesn’t work properly, sebum secretion cannot be properly functioned to protect the outer skin layer and lead to skin’s moisture loss. Hence, skin will become dehydrated; irritants and germs might penetrate into the skin cells causing swelling, itchiness, inflammation, skin allergy or even eczema.

Air pollution is one of the major causes of leading skin’s irritation as the skin’s lipid layer might be damaged by the bacterial spores that could be easily found in the air. When we are living in a city with serious air pollution, we should take preventive measure and strengthen the daily skincare routine to protect our baby’s skin.

Evening Primrose Oil and Tamanu Oil - The Best Natural Skin Care to soothe and prevent sensitive skin 

Both Evening Primrose Oil and Tamanu Oil contains abundant of Linoleic acid, fatty acids and GLA which bring us with the following skin’s benefits:


  • enhance the regeneration of cells;
  • rebuild skin barrier, strengthen the lipid layer;
  • increase the level of moisture retention;
  • inhibit the invasion of bacteria and pollutants;
  • moisturize and soften skin;
  • combat with inflammation;
  • relieve dehydrated skin and soothe itchines