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What is an "organic" product, and how does it differ from a "natural" product?

An organic product is subject to very strict production procedures. With organic farming, the soil is prepped over a three-year period, and then once growing begins, the grounds are watch-guarded to ensure the environment is protected. Organic growing also bans the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that can alter or harm the plants. As for complex organic products such as skincare, the extracts that go into the formulas must come from organic growing. That's why "green" or "natural" cosmetics are not necessarily "organic".

What percentage of the formulas are organic?

Our products for moms have a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients. Our infant & baby line, except for the Mild Baby Wash & Shampoo and Baby's Best Essential Lotion is 100% USDA Certified Organic by A Bee Organic Company. If you need to see our Organic certificate, please contact us.

Do Mambino Organics products contain any chemical preservatives?

Absolutely not. None of our products contain chemical preservatives. We only make use of natural food grade preservatives approved, such as Rosemary extract (ROA) not to be confused with Rosemary Essential Oil and natural vitamin E (kosher certified, GMO free and suitable for food and cosmetic use).

Are organic products more likely to cause allergies than regular ones?

No. We have run all necessary tests to anticipate potential allergies. According to the results of different tests we certify that all the products are safe for cosmetic use in normal conditions. What kind of scent do Mambino Organics products have? Our essential oils come from a supplier who does AEOR (Applied Essential Oil Research) and provides certificates of analysis of EO quality. All our essential oils are organic or wild harvested and used in small therapeutic amounts, so their aroma is a citrus that's irresistibly fresh. All EOU oils are pesticide free according to GC/MS analytical results. Is there anything different about the scent, texture, or color of organic products that I need to know about? Organic raw materials are not refined or chemically modified, so no two batches are the same. So, the same product can have a different appearance, whether it's a variance in color or the levels of essential oils.

Can anyone use the Mambino products?

Our products are specially formulated to be safe during pregnancy and after birth but also suitable for children, men and women of all skin types and ages.

How to use The Mambino Organics Products?

Since we use only the highest grade premium, natural and organic ingredients, a little goes a long way. Every product has a shelf life of 16-18 months unopened and 12 months opened, because the packaging preserves the formulas. To help maintain the freshness we recommend the following: Products should not be exposed to direct sunlight or heat. They should be kept cool (below 85 degrees) but not extreme cold.

How do you source your ingredients?

All of our raw ingredients come from highly reputable suppliers, all providing the highest quality ingredients on the market today. Each ingredient is screened, analyzed and sampled to insure purity and quality. Most of our ingredients are organic or wild harvested, cold pressed or expelled pressed to preserve nutrients and effectiveness. We never use refined oils that are solvent-extracted.

We hope that you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them.