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Have you tried the latest trend in cleansing – cleansing oils!

2019 - 03 - 01

Have you tried the latest trend in cleansing – cleansing oils!

A facial cleansing oil is an alternative, natural way of cleansing. Cleansing oils basically work by using “good oils” to remove “bad oils” (such as make-up and other daily impurities). Because oil attracts oil, the oils in the cleanser gently adhere to the skin surface oils then, once water is added to the mix, this blend emulsifies, allowing it to gently and effectively be cleansed away to leave your complexion soft, smooth and perfectly clean in seconds!

The key difference between cleansing oils and traditional cleansers are their formulations. Traditional face washes are water-based and use surfactants (surface active agents), which offer a cleansing action but often at the cost of stripping the skin of its natural oils, leaving it dried out. As their name states, cleansing oils are oil-based and are formulated with emulsifiers (those handy ingredients that help water and oil blend), allowing them to attach to pre-existing surface oil and rinse off easily. A number of traditional, oil-free facial cleansers strip the skin of its natural oils, often leaving it dry and unbalanced. This may result in the skin producing more oil to compensate, which can then lead to more oiliness a.k.a. a never-ending loop of problematic skin! Oil cleansers, on the other hand, help keep the skin’s natural pH balance working to gently cleanse away impurities and excess oil while maintaining moisture levels and not compromising the skin’s natural barrier which ensures healthy, radiant skin.

While some cleansing oils do contain mineral oils (a big ‘no no’ for the acne-prone amongst us!), the great thing is that our cold-pressed pure plant oil-rich Rosehip Transformation Cleansing Oil is suitable for all skin types. Far from blocking pores and leading to breakouts, it gently removes excess oils on the surface of the skin, leaving the skin soft, nourished and cleansed without leaving that dreaded oily residue! The best natural cleansing oils are made from cold-pressed pure plant oils. Usually these pure plants oils are selected based on their skin nourishment and repair properties. Pure plant oils are a great way of delivering high concentrations of natural actives which can deliver all over nourishment to maintain everything your skin needs for radiance and vitality.

Trilogy Rosehip Transformation Cleansing Oil enriched with sweet almond, rosehip and papaya, transforms your skin from made up to clean in seconds, it also transforms from a natural botanical oil to a gentle cleansing milk when rinsed off with water. Because of its gentle, nourishing and fragrance-free formulation, it’s also perfectly suited to be the best cleanser of choice for those with dry, sensitive and normal skin types.

How do you use a cleaning oil?

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