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2017 - 12 - 19

Aromatherapy is the application of 100% pure essential oils to enhance healthy body process.

It is so called Aroma - therapy because of the oils' aromatic vapors that contain the desired

medicinal qualities. It is the molecules in the extract and its vapor that interact with the receptors

in our body systems - most importantly those connected to the endocrine and nervous systems

which together regulate almost all physiological processes.


Massage Therapy is a great way to get the best out of your essential oils. By adding essential oils

to a carrier, like Jojoba, or Sweet Almond Oil, the active chemical compounds are not only better

absorbed into the skin but they are also more easily spread over the surface of your body for better

therapeutic benefits.


Poor circulation on Feet and Hands

1drop of Ginger Essential Oil + Sweet Almond Oil10ml

Relax and prepare for the upcoming long vacation

2 drops of Lavender True Essential Oil +
Sweet Almond Oil10ml




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