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organic bug away repellent spray 120ml

USDA Certified Organics !

DEET Free!

100% baby safe and natural bug repellent!

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Enjoy the outdoors without being eaten alive!


Bug Away Repellent Spray keeps bugs away, using only organic, natural ingredients such as organic lemongrass and citronella, well known for their safe and effective bug repellent properties. Non-toxic, DEET free, non-chemical, hypoallergenic formula repels fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and biting flies. The secret of natural bug protection is frequent reapplication and the scent. A wonderful alternative to toxic bug repellent chemicals as DEET.

Safe for babies (over 6 months of age) kids and adults too!

Why it works:

  • For head to toe, avoid contact with eyes
  • Pleasant scent   
  • Non-irritating
  • Repellency is based on scent - reapply generously and often
  • Made with organic and sustainably grown ingredients
  • Fine-mist sprayer allows for directed application
  • Only plant-based ingredients-no chemicals
  • Approximately 60 applications

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